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Partnering with a Venture Capital Firm to Launch the Biotech Brands of the Future

Third Rock Ventures

TRV was entering a new cycle of funding when they initially engaged Struck. Working differently from other VCs, TRV incubates projects in-house versus having entrepreneurs pitch them. This approach sets TRV apart, and they wanted to zero in on the right brand and website that accurately portrayed who they are, how they work, and what they value most: people. Struck worked with TRV to refresh their brand messaging and visual identity, as well as design and develop a website that will reflect the new brand and put the user at the center of the design process. 

As a long-term partner, Struck has created brands as well as refreshed the brand of an existing company positioning for a Series C or IPO. Struck has helped people (potential investors, existing investors, potential employees, scientists, etc.) to come away from the website and brand experience believing that TRV is building important biotech companies and making a difference for patients through the brands they fund.