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Uniting humanity with the science of biotechnology.


To state the obvious, developing precision treatments for cancer and genetic diseases is complex. It involves advanced technology, cutting edge computing and extremely deep, specialized knowledge. In these areas, Relay Tx was a leader. Respected for their contributions and advancements, they were a well-established entity with more than 500 employees.

But, along the way, their brand had become so focused on their science that the reason for it—the patients who would ultimately benefit—was getting lost. They came to us to help infuse their presentation with humanity and warmth, without diluting the power of their therapeutic innovation.

We developed what we called the “dancing protein.” It served as a metaphor for Relay’s research into protein movements as well as humanity’s use of movement for healing and expression.

The end result is hopeful and optimistic while entirely credible and worthy of Relay’s scientific excellence.

Creating a symbolic color palette where the cool tones of blue and turquoise represent science and technology and the warm tones of magenta and orange represent people and patients, we devised a visual way to bring both focuses together.