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Elevating Monte Rosa’s
Digital Presence

Monte Rosa

Named for a peak rising 4,634 meters into the sky, Monta Rosa Therapeutics has always stood for reaching new heights. It was our task to design a new brand and website that would match the level of their work.

Elevating Monta Rosa’s Presence

Using yellow and blue, we established Monta Rosa’s unique visual identity. Although blue is common in the biotech sector, we advised keeping it as a brand color, using it to represent sky, snow and technology. Then, we paired it with bright yellow, a color not at all typical among their peers. The energy of Monta Rosa yellow represents the morning light and optimism of each new day.

The new design also united Monta Rosa’s two teams. Already aligned in purpose, the work happening in Boston and Basel were now presented together, much like the groundbreaking, “molecular glue” therapies they have developed.