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US Speedskating

Brand Identity & Collateral

 Header photo of a US speedskater in action.


Getting U.S. Speedskating back on solid ground. 

The Challenge


Tamara Castellano, U.S. Speedskating director of marketing and sponsorship, explains, “We presented Struck with a huge branding challenge: create a brand presence that brings in new fans with a contemporary feel while still paying homage to our history and the distinct personalities of our long and short track athletes.”

Our Approach


Struck provided a literal head-to-toe rebrand with a new logo system and skinsuits that nod to the sport's long-standing tradition of patriotism, speed and grace. To top it all off, we took the rebrand digital and also redesigned their website into an integrated platform for the future of the sport, engaging members and fans with the thrill of speedskating. The site is packed with great content on the sport, a dynamic Olympian timeline and social media connections to the team. 

project detail

Pauline Ploquin, Chief Relationship Officer / Struck

Struck has a long history with the Olympic Games—and to be able to work with our friends at US Speedskating has been a dream come true.

What We've Done

Brand Strategy
Brand Identity
Interactive Design

Fave Skaters

Apolo Anton Ohno

Bonnie Blair

Shani Davis

Eric Flaim

“Even though we’re the most decorated winter sport federation in America, a year ago we really had zero brand, no marketing outreach. What Struck has pulled off for us is nothing short of a miracle.”

–Tamara Castellano, Marketing Director

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