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One-Star Campaign

 Snowbird's One-Star Too Advanced advertisement with a faint image of a skier in the background.


How do you turn your biggest criticisms into a rallying cry?

The Challenge


Snowbird is a mountain that knows its audience. While resorts all across the west get gobbled up and watered down by VC firms and international mega-resorts, Snowbird has remained true to their core skiers and riders by offering challenging terrain with waist-deep powder around every turn. That said, a weekend at Snowbird isn’t for everyone. And nowadays, you don’t have to look far to find someone not buying what you’re selling (who also has no problem loudly saying so).

Our Approach


Taking quotes from one-star reviews of the resort and using their own words against them, we’ve positioned Snowbird as one of the most unforgiving and rewarding mountains in Utah. We sifted through hundreds of reviews to find the most compelling and dismaying one-star reviews. We juxtaposed the one-star review with outstanding shots of vertiginous vistas and knee-deep-in-powder skiers. We let the viewers do the rest. And they loved it.

With limited media and production budget, the humble print and digital ads turned into a viral, share-worthy piece of content overnight and well ahead of the ski season. Released in all the usual ski magazines, the ad was picked up on Reddit and was a top thread for weeks. 

project detail

Anonymous Redditor

I love this ad so much, you guys. Like, more than anything I’ve ever done.

What We've Done





Deepest Pow


Probably Snowbird

Maybe Snowbird?

Definitely Snowbird

Finally, Snowbird

 Snowbird released its first print advertisement of the One-Star Campaign, Too Advanced. This featured a review from Greg and shows a skier covered in powder as they go down the hill.
 There are NO Easy Runs was the second review in the marketing campaign. This advertisement features a skier jumping off a rock and a review from Jeremiah.
 Powder Too Deep was the third One-Star review for Snowbird that shows a skier submerged in powder and a review from Isabelle.

Adweek’s Top Print Ads 2017

Jerry of the Day, September 2017

"Five Stars" / Adweek 2017 

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