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Nickelodeon Animation STudio

NAS Facility


Building an iconic campus.

The Challenge


When Nickelodeon broke ground on their new campus, they knew it needed to inspire show-runners and their teams to create wacky, subversive, classic shows unfettered by a stuffy office space. The building needed to scream Nickelodeon at every turn, reminding employees of the legacy they were continuing.

Our Approach


We decided to treat every space as a celebration of the iconic content that gave Nick its personality, and those who created it. We wanted to give the building a sense of subversive fun as well as a sense of history for current employees to feel inspired to create the next generation of award-winning shows.

Project Detail

Eric Robles - Show runner

When you walk into this building, it's literally magic. When you walk in here, it's like a fun house.

What We Did

Experiential Design

Graphic Design


Material Design

Our Favorite Nick Shows


Ren & Stimpy

All That



"We don't need television. Not as long as we have our imagination." -Spongebob Squarepants

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