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Love Your Glasses Campaign


A pair of glasses helps you see the world, but the perfect pair helps the world see you.

The Challenge


While consumers have adopted online shopping in nearly every aspect of their lives, buying prescription eyeglasses online remains a relatively untapped opportunity. Upstarts like Warby Parker have made things easier, but still lacked the premium styles and brands that a company like offers. So... How could we connect with the audience in a way that expressed both simplicity (free shipping, free returns, great customer service) and an understanding of what it means to be a person who wears glasses everyday? That's a good question.

Our Approach


Starting with customer research and online behavioral personas, our focus sharpened on an audience that was just beginning to explore owning multiple pairs of glasses—styles that truly expressed something about their personality. We knew that most people in this category had worn glasses for a long time (more than 5 years) and had often been unhappy with the frames they'd purchased over the years. The resulting brand framework (Love Your Glasses) and tactics (online video, display banners, how-to videos) helped reinforce the idea of finding a perfect pair—and highlighted an understanding of the little things that mean a lot to those who still choose to wear glasses.

project detail

Matt Anderson, CEO / Struck

I've worn glasses since I was five years old, so this work was pretty personal for me. My first pair was a thick plastic frame with rose-tinted lenses.

What We've Done

Brand Strategy



Digital Content

Favorite Ray-Bans

Original Wayfarer


Folding Wayfarer


 Three photos of people with glasses or getting their eyes check mocked up on a cement wall
 Tagline stating 'The perfect pair of glasses helps the world see you.
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