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Experience scottsdale



A Case Study.


How do you help a destination with “something for everyone” move forward with focus and confidence?

The Problem


Worried that travelers no longer found appeal in its distinctive desert setting, Scottsdale, Arizona’s marketing efforts had turned apologetic (“yes, it’s hot here, but at least it’s a dry heat!”) and often disingenuous. The brand had further overcompensated by expanding its focus wide enough to encompass a “something for everyone” attitude. And that attitude, of course, really says nothing at all.

Our Approach


Starting with the travel research experts (and long-time collaborators) at SMARI, our first goal was to understand what visitors really wanted to experience when they arrived in Arizona. The simple truth was that they wanted a blend of relaxation and adventure—an insight that guided our teams toward a brand and campaign strategy focused on the revitalization that Scottsdale offers.

Project detail

Machel Devin, Client Partner / Struck


Research showed that regardless of their age, Scottsdale travelers were looking for neither total spa serenity nor full throttle adventure.

What We've Done




Brand Identity

UX/UI Design


Digital Engagement

Other Words for "Hot"







Scott Sorenson


No matter what they crave, give every visitor a feeling of effortless revitalization.

What A Traveler Wants


Few people go on vacation hoping only for leisurely relaxation, or seeking only breathless excitement. They expect both in varying amounts, all wrapped up in a one-of-a-kind setting. The unexpected vibrancy and uncommon ease of Scottsdale’s desert experience offers visitors a chance to quicken their pulse without breaking a sweat.

Delivering The Heat


With a stunning and flexible new brand identity that incorporates modern type and a minimalist agave plant, Experience Scottsdale embraced its new positioning an stopped apologizing for what had previously been seen as shortcomings. A new campaign even embraces the dry heat and takes things a step further, declaring that it isn't just hot in Scottsdale... It's absolutely scorching.

 Logo with an agave plant on above the stacked type Scottsdale Arizona.
Brand Promise
 Display of different versions of Scottsdale cards on a green background.
Rachel Sacco, President & CEO / Experience Scottsdale
One of Struck's greatest assets is their ability to listen deeply, especially to our community leaders and stakeholders who bring such passionate — yet disparate — voices to the table. Embarking on such a critical project takes a leap of faith, but the combination of Struck's experience with research and creative innovation allowed us to leap with confidence.
Real Testimonial
 Page with an example of the Discover More webpage and mobile-version.
 A woman in a red dress is dancing with a man in a white shirt who's back is facing the viewer. Cafe lights are strung in the background.


The Results Of A Great Partnership

Working Together Works


Experience Scottsdale has a strong, capable and creative in-house team—people who bring out the best in their partners. We scribbled on post-its and drew all over the walls. We knocked down barriers and shared a few drinks. In the end, our good friend Caroline Stoeckel (VP of Marketing at Experience Scottsdale) said it best: "The end result only confirms that Struck was the right partner for this important project." Thanks, Caroline. Let's do it again soon.


$229 million

Of direct economic impact to

Scottsdale as a result of the campaign.


Incremental trips to Scottsdale

as a result of the campaign.


Return on investment—visitor spending (and $3 in

local tax revenue) for every $1 spent on advertising.


Increase in visitor intent for

Millennials (age 25-34)


Increase in visitor intent

for Gen-Xers (age 35-54)


Increase in visitor intent

for Baby Boomers (age 55+)

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