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Creator Driven

A Case Study.


How does Nickelodeon attract the next generation of superstar talent?

The Problem


Two decades after paving the way for groundbreaking animated programming, Nickelodeon needed to revitalize the creative energy within the studio—as well as attract the next generation of superstar writers, illustrators and animators.

Our Approach


Because Nickelodeon has no house style, their shows are a completely unvarnished reflection of the show runners, animators and writers. To attract new, vibrant talent, we worked with Nickelodeon to put their crazy, hilarious, inspiring personalities (past and present) on a pedestal to show that new voices can have an opportunity to shine.

project detail

Brent Watts, ECD / Struck


The creators (and their creations) at Nickelodeon have brought a new perspective to adolescence and what it means to be a kid. Working to uncover the soul of the animation studios has been a huge thrill for all of us.

What We've Done




Art Direction

Environmental Design

Content Development

UX/UI Design

Best Nick Characters



Chuckie Finster

Doug Funnie





Celebrate the creators as much as their creations.

A 360° Brand Experience


Over the course of nearly five years and multiple projects, Struck helped create a new brand language and look for the studio—one which encompassed public spaces, a new website and content, a coffee table book, an archive box set and 25th anniversary museum exhibit.


Struck partnered with Studios Architecture and KSA to help brand the new studio facility both inside and out. Public art, sculptures, way finding, interior design and a branded interior that created an inspiring but functional environment.

 Green NAS Logo with a paintbrush and pencil in the center and est. 1990 at the bottom.
Brand Promise
 An orange Nickelodeon coffee table book and box that is open to display the cover of the book and the inside of the box it comes in.
Chris Viscardi, SVP of Content Development / NICK
It's extraordinary to see the environment of our new studio. It fosters communication between artists, which leads to better work.
Real Testimonial
 Creators page with a mix of sketches, examples of creator cards, a-z options for searching, and illustrations.
 NAS mobile page showing what it will look like on your phone with examples of the creators and shows section.
 Grey wall with N for Nickelodeon and a table with one orange drawer. On top it says 'Inspire' and on the right there is a photo of a hallway.
 Collage of rooms including close-up of The Wild Thornberry's poster, level 3 parking, and creator illustrations that hang from the ceiling.
 GIF of pieces from the NAS recruitment project with Nick Wants You in the center.


Inspiring Creative Restlessness

Always Always Making


Whether charting the first 25 years of Nick's history or boosting creators as mentors for an up-and-coming generation of writers and artists, strengthening the Animation Studio and the Nick brand has led to some of our wildest creative explorations.

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