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Including Joy

A Case Study.


How can Lennar sell homes without defaulting to floor plans and square footage?

The Problem


Homebuilding is one of the biggest industries in America today. No single brand has market exclusivity, and in many regions, multiple homebuilders will offer sites in the same communities—and all homebuilders advertise the same way. So how can Lennar show they are different, and show they care about their audience?

Our Approach


Buying a home is the biggest purchase most people will ever make. It is a decision that is based on emotion, on “falling in love” with a home—something that Lennar has built into their corporate philosophy. Yet homebuilders, including Lennar, continued to talk about their homes in square footage, dollars, materials and half-baths. To stand out we worked with Lennar to celebrate the emotions that guide people through the home buying process.

project detail

Machel Devin, Client Partner / Struck


It's important to remember that Lennar's audiences (shoppers, buyers, owners, etc.) are not actually distinct personas—but the same persona at different points in their life.

What We've Done




UX/UI Design

Content Strategy

Content Development


Least Favorite Chores




Scrubbing the Shower

Raking Leaves

Cleaning Blinds


Focus on the people, not the features.

A New Digital Hub


One of the most comprehensive digital undertakings in Struck's history, features experiences for a variety of needs and delivers thousands of pages of content to internal and external audiences. It also relies strongly on the visual brand identity and architecture we developed in the early stages of our engagement.

Content that Resonates


Instead of burying potential buyers in more information, content (for social, paid advertising, and on-site/earned placement) focuses on the stories of the people who turn these structures into real homes. We crafted emotional narratives about the beauty of simple, no-hidden-cost pricing and featured multi-generational families who share one of Lennar's most innovative new offerings, shared-but-separate homes that meet a wide range of family circumstances.

Brand Promise
 An older woman being interviewed for one of Lennar's emotional narratives and simple patterns created for the website.
Steve Berenfeld, Director of Brand Marketing / Lennar Homes
The experience is designed to be an integral part of our customers’ lives, throughout their entire homeownership journey, from their first exposure to our brand until long after they’ve moved into their home.
Real Testimonial
 Website and Mobile-friendly landing page for the new the
 A family walking down the street with Lennar Homes.


Call it Home Improvement

Changing Mindsets


With increased engagement among buying prospects and double-digit growth in connection with previous buyers, has been an important (and much improved) tool for Lennar's sales teams and their communities. At the same time, the updated brand strategy, positioning, messaging, visual identity and multi-channel content have helped strengthen Lennar's reputation as one of the nation's most transparent and trustworthy homebuilders.

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