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Stray From
The Herd

A Case Study.


How does one of the country’s top resorts stay ahead of the curve?

A Legacy of Excellence


For nearly a decade, Deer Valley has been voted as one of the top ski resorts in the country, with an unprecedented five year stretch at the top spot. The Deer Valley experience is one of unparalleled skiing and service, and the fact that guests return season after season is evidence of that.

Staying Fresh


As the resort’s agency of record for eight years, our job was to highlight the core aspects of the Deer Valley experience to maintain brand affinity and attract new customer segments to the resort.

Project detail

Scott Sorenson, Creative Director / Struck


It's a strong brand, and we know that those who experience Deer Valley come back again and again.

What We've Done




Web Design

Digital Advertising

Internal Communications

Favorite Spots


Triangle Trees


Silver Lake Lodge

Seafood Buffet

 Deer Valley advertisement in a magazine that is titled 'A perfectly crafted ski experience' and has the handcut skier in the middle.


Reflect the balance of tradition and ambition that drives the resort.

Skiing the Difference


For a resort so steeped in tradition, our goal was not only to help Deer Valley keep pace with where the industry has been, but also keep an eye on where it was heading in the future. To bring the Deer Valley experience to more people, we worked across different channels—from national print ads, to locals-only promotions, to rebranding on-mountain experiences—to invite skiers far and wide to #SkiTheDifference.

 Logo for Deer Valley's 'a perfectly crafted ski experience' with a couple drinking at a table.
Brand Promise
Kylie Kullack, Head of Client Partnership / Struck
#SkiTheDifference is more than a social hashtag. Each guest experience is treated with an unprecedented amount of respect and attention, no matter their status or stature.
Real Testimonial
 A variety of brochures and an example of the mobile-friendly trail map for Deer Valley's Hand-Crafted Ski Experience.
 Hand-crafted Deer Valley advertisement with the deer and leaf logo placed above white trees and mountains.


A new generation of fans.

First Timers Rule


As a result of our efforts, Deer Valley Resort more than doubled their first-time visitor base—from 15% the prior two years, to 33% in the year following our strategic and creative campaigns.

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