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Breville YouBrew


Taste is Personal

Coffee is the go-to nectar of most agencies. And we’re no exception. So when our first campaign with Breville also included a YouBrew coffeemaker for the office, we quickly put that machine through the ringer. The YouBrew is the only coffeemaker that mimics a French press and “steeps” the fresh grinds to let you brew a single cup, a large mug or a carafe—while also dialing in a variety of flavor and strength controls. Translation: it makes personally-tuned coffee for whatever size, shape and style your morning intake requires.

We worked with closely with our media partner "Blitz": to craft a broadcast campaign taking the current “How Do You Brew?” digital campaign to a new level, featuring coffee drinkers in their respective domains—and with their respective flavor and strength profiles. Whether you’re pulling a solitary all-nighter or relaxing with friends on Sunday afternoon, the perfect cup (or carafe) of coffee is a necessity.

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