Movin’ Portland Style + SLC Remodel

Found this little diddy while looking through my email for behind the scenes photos. Shot by Patrick on his iPhone back in July of 2009, while we were moving everything into our new (shiny new!) White Stag studio. Thought it would be cool for everyone to see how pretty the floors were before they got […]

Kids These Days

Our PDX team took a tour of the University of Oregon School of Architecture and Allied Arts (which is housed in the same building that Struck will be moving into in a couple months). Here’s a list of some of the equipment they have available for their students: an experimental print center, which includes a […]

Plaid Patrick

Struck universe meet Patrick Marzullo (red plaid), our brand spankin’ new Interactive Producer in Portland. And Happy Birthday! Haiku for Patrick with love from Danny: Wood Feared Lumberjacks Like Patrick’s new Gang, wear plaid. Yet he keeps a tree?

Jason via iChat

Our monthly company meeting may be a little hard to hear (Portland uses iChat to connect to Salt Lake) but no one can deny that it is entertaining.

@!…Oooh pretty

At least when my computer breaks, it breaks in style. (Last screen via Jed’s computer) How could you stay mad at error screens like this? Anyone else have accidental art?

FITC Toronto 08

Last week I flew across the country and the border to visit our friends up North for FITC 08. Since this was my first time attending the conference, I had two goals: Recharge my inspiration tank, and meet Scott Hansen. It’s difficult to capture all the thoughts and ideas I was able to take away […]