Monthly Archives: February 2012

You Don’t Need an App

Yep, I said it. Struck makes them. In fact, we’ve made ridiculously good ones, like here and here. So why would we suggest cutting off a potential business opportunity? Because there is a glut; there are too many bad ones and most seem to be the result of some terrible decisions. Am I nuts? Likely. […]

We’re Struck.

After a couple years of sweet marital bliss, we’re pleased to announce that the StruckAxiom family has united under a single banner and a new URL. StruckAxiom is now simply known as Struck. May seem like an old name, but it’s new and fresh for all of us and we couldn’t be more (in the […]

Storytelling in Advertising

It’s been a long time since high school. But I still remember an ad for a baby powder-scented perfume that probably graced the pages of Seventeen magazine circa 1991. I remember the ad not because I pined for the perfume or the cute boy who hawked it. I remember the ad because it told a […]

There’s a #Hashtag for That

Audi claims it all started with them at the end of their 2011 jailed-gentlemen Superbowl spot when we were left with “#ProgressIs” and some Kenny G. Whether or not Audi was the first to use the hashtag as part of their campaign, Twitter has quickly become a favored place for brands to participate in (and […]