StruckAxiom designs new toy store, JouJou

SALT LAKE CITY-November 16, 2011-StruckAxiom announces the grand opening of their latest visionary prodigy, JouJou. JouJou is an experiential retail toy boutique that lives in The Grand America Hotel. JouJou combines classic elements of a Parisian toy store with innovative interactive technology.

StruckAxiom worked with The Grand America to enhance the retail experience by creating a shopping destination that offers unique product amongst a custom-designed environment. StruckAxiom partnered with numerous professionals to bring the enterprising concept to life from the store’s interior design to the computer-generated and interactive installations.

Among the store’s extraordinary elements, guests can engage in:

  • Monsterpiece Theater: Step up to a monster portrait wall to interact with 10 originally designed and animated characters; computer-generated portraits interact with guests once their presence is detected using sonar and face tracking technologies.
  • Musical Candy Organ: Walk along the candy organ’s interactive floor. The floor senses weight which reacts by lighting up and playing music. Dispense sweets from over 30 organ pipes filled 17 feet to the top with delicious candies.
  • Magical Honey Tree: Capture a fairy that lives in a magical tree. Each fairy resides in a lit hole of the tree trunk until taken home in a specialty branded jar complete with the fairy’s name and favorite activities.
  • Robot Republic: Join the intergalactic Republic with a custom-built cosmic warrior and defend the universe against the sinister cyborg confederacy! StruckAxiom created the Galaxy Bot concept from building an original toy to the packaging of each unique Bot.

StruckAxiom provided top to bottom branding for JouJou including cleverly-crafted window displays, custom-made packaging and wallpaper, enhancing the experience and inviting all guests to explore and discover.

“We wanted to capture that dream-like world from imagination and make it a reality,” said Brent Watts, Executive Creative Director at StruckAxiom. “JouJou is alive with magic and encourages the curiosity of anyone who comes inside. It isn’t a place to simply buy toys. It’s where you visit robots in their intergalactic duties, where you fly with fairies through the trees and where adventure is literally around every corner. The experience starts here and then goes home with you.”

JouJou is StruckAxiom’s second retail design project with The Grand America Hotel. Last year StruckAxiom helped launch La Bonne Vie, a French patisserie offering handmade confections and special gifts. In addition to the unique retail branding, StruckAxiom works closely with The Grand America on its advertising campaigns, media strategy and environmental graphic design.

“Time after time StruckAxiom grasps the vision of The Grand America and accentuates it beyond our expectations,” said Bruce Fery, President of The Grand America Hotel. “They have a keen eye for incredible design with an exciting understanding of how their craft works within the retail space. JouJou is no exception.The designers created a beautiful, living and dreamlike world within The Grand America. A place where children and adults can enjoy the playfulness and wonder of life.”

JouJou opens November 25, 2011, just in time for the holiday season.

About StruckAxiom

StruckAxiom is a digital-forward, creative agency with offices in Los Angeles, New York, Portland and Salt Lake City. The world-class brands and campaigns the agency creates are known internationally for their high-design, pioneering technology and break-through creativity. Clients include McDonald’s, Gatorade, PepsiCo, Fox, Nickelodeon, DreamWorks, TCBY, Mrs. Fields and The Utah Office of Tourism.

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