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San Francisco
FITC began as a pure Flash event back in 2002. Since then it has evolved into a complete Design and Technology event that encompasses a wide array of crafts including Flash, Processing, motion graphics and design. With a lot of recent progress in the interactive world, topics surrounding Flash have become fairly heated and there has been some very exciting developments as a result. So when I heard that FITC was throwing down in the Bay Area, I jumped on the opportunity and convinced my lovely StruckAxiom peeps to send me.

Having never been to an FITC event I wasn’t really sure what to expect. Mostly, I was expecting crowds of people and packed presentations. I was very pleased to find that the rooms never quite filled up and every session I went to was very personable.

Some hot topics at the conference were motion detection, voice recognition, processing, programmatic art, 3D, PixelBender, Unity, Cinder, Open Frameworks, multiuser Flash applications and Flash on mobile devices. Needless to say there was an abundance of talent and knowledge under one roof.

There were a couple common themes at this FITC. One of those themes is the acceptance of failure. Failure can lead to some beautiful, unexpected results and at the very least, knowledge. Also: step outside your comfort zone. Don’t spend all your time in one specialty, explore fresh boundaries and learn new things. Lastly, collaborate without an ego, find fun in your work and be passionate about what you do.

Some memorable moments for me were Ralph Hauwert’s in depth, sometimes confusing, interpretations of his work, Robert Hodgin’s mind blowing Processing and Cinder experiments, Shaun Hamontree’s wacky but hilarious and inspirational presentation of MK12’s in-house work, Didier Brun’s in-depth session on voice recognition in flash and of course Yugo Nakamura’s closing presentation. There wasn’t a presentation that I went to that wasn’t inspirational.

I learned more at this conference than I expected. I was also exposed to more expertise than ever. I will absolutely attend FITC again if given the chance. Best of all, I took a bunch of notes(mostly links to great resources).

Recognize This! Seeing with FlashEugen Zatepyakin
ASSURF image descriptor
• Uses alchemy
• Based on OpenCV and OpenSurf
• Uses integral imaging

Programming ArtKeith Peters
Text Expander
Context Free Art – Programatic image creation
Structure Synth – Basically context free art in 3D
Nodebox – Python based processing
Nodebox2Openframeworks – C++ framework for cool stuff
Cinder – C++ framework similar to Openframeworks, created by the dudes at Barbarian Group

UnitZeroOne: SkunkworksRalph Hauwert
Selected work
Anne Frank
Let it bloom technique – particle animation (offline)
• Linked list particle reference
• Each particle instance holds a reference to the next particle in the list
• Much faster than looping an array
• Using final keyword for classes increases performance
Milky Ball
• Uses platonic solids, tesselated triangles, vertex normals and look up tables
Notes on Pixel Bender
• Conditionals slow performance
• Some techniques to look at – Ray tracing and Adaptive Subsampling

Multiuser Application Development with UnionColin Mook
• Platform for multiuser applications
• Uses Union Server
• Also uses reactor – AS3 framework for client applications
• Multiplayer mobile gaming
• Phone is controller
• Game is displayed on a shared screen
• Can us SMS/MMS to send digital content to players

Boolean Logic and Ways To Beautifully Confuse YourselfShaun Hamontree – MK12
Telephoneme – latest in-house project
• Hates the term “Motion Graphics” prefers “Neat Shit”
• Keys to success – Egoless collaboration and having a successful balance of business and in-house projects

Pulsatile Crackle – Andre Michelle
• Creating audio with flash –

Flashing in PublicJon Fox – Helios
Interactive Touch Solutions
• Touch Foil – Single and Double touch, but not multi-touch, has its own driver and API
• Gesture detection
• Multitouch – infrared, capacitive, laser and camera based systems
Projection Screen Options
• Sunscreen – Sun viewable rear projection film
• Pro Diffusion – High contrast rear projection film
• High Gain – High brightness rear projection film
• Clearview – Transparent holographic style rear projection film

ADHD FTW, LOL!Grant Skinner
RegExr – Regular expression helper app
• Perfectr – Development tool that highlights discrepancies between design and application (currently in development)
Kaleidoscope Class
Wander Class
• Circle collision detection

What Can You Do With Unity3DBartek Drozdz
Skive – London based agency doing great work with unity
Aquiris – Brasil based agency

You Talkin’ To Me?Didier Brun
Voice Recogntion in flash
• Voice Gesture
• Involves analyzing bitmaps
• Convert waveforms to bitmaps
• Fréchet Distance Formula – measures similarity between curves

Long Time No SeeYugo Nakamura
Frame – to be released

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