Monthly Archives: September 2010

Golfers Gotta Golf

What’s a proper send-off for a fella like Patrick? Golf. And golf attire. Have fun at the Big House in the Pearl, kid. Don’t forget to roll back to Old Town for a sandwich every now and again.

This Site Is New

So, yeah. We have a new website. It’s a pretty big change from what you’re probably used to seeing here. It bright instead of sinister. It’s HTML instead of Flash. It features eight-legged creatures of the deep instead of proletariat-style hammers. We believe these are all good changes. We loved our old site and we […]

Movin’ Portland Style + SLC Remodel

Found this little diddy while looking through my email for behind the scenes photos. Shot by Patrick on his iPhone back in July of 2009, while we were moving everything into our new (shiny new!) White Stag studio. Thought it would be cool for everyone to see how pretty the floors were before they got […]

Sneak And Destroy!

I’m a sucker for the convergence of social technology and good, old-fashioned scavenger hunts. I’ll run across town to touch the Big Aristotle and I’ll stay glued to the Twitter to see where Mr. Hawk is dropping a stash of goods. So, my ears perked up when Nike Sportswear started making a little noise in […]

Continued thoughts on FITC San Francisco

Coming down off a “FITC high” is a hard thing to do. Its quite a rush to spend three days in an amazing city away from home surrounded by many of the names we Flash developers directly associate with the platform on which we develop, and the scores of additionally creative minds all drawing energy […]

FITC San Francisco

FITC began as a pure Flash event back in 2002. Since then it has evolved into a complete Design and Technology event that encompasses a wide array of crafts including Flash, Processing, motion graphics and design. With a lot of recent progress in the interactive world, topics surrounding Flash have become fairly heated and there […]