Monthly Archives: July 2010

The Place Betwixt Man and Beast

We love a challenge. Particularly when it involves our favorite pastime: Creating human-animal hybrids. In the new film, “Dinner for Schmucks,” Jemaine Clement plays a Mathew Barney-esque artist name Kieran Vollard. It’s no secret that we’re big-time Jemaine fans—so when director Jay Roach asked us to help create the artwork to represent Jemaine/Kieran’s warped artistic […]

TCBY Rebranded

Creatively, this was an exciting challenge. We not only needed to reflect the new self-serve direction TCBY was taking, we also needed to respect the 30-year, category-creating history of the TCBY brand. We explored some throwback options, looked to Europe and Asia for emerging trends, delved into market research and consumed a lot of amazing […]

Evo’ 10 Social Media Conference

We were stoked to be invited to speak on branding for the Evo’ 10 Social Media Conference. Our own Heather and Scott hit the stage to breakdown our branding and social marketing philosophies and had a fantastic reception. As part of our assignment, we were also given a small online retail company/social media participant to […]