Monthly Archives: May 2010

One last contender…

…in multiple forms. We can’t forget Spencer’s submissions from earlier this month: The Latino Mafia: The “Extra Nice Guy”: The “Entertainer”:

Getting Our Creeps Out

While SLC rules in quantity (and general NO FEAR-ness), PDX brings the creepy heat when it comes to Mustache May. Max decided to keep it authentic with a little Unabomber style and Abe… well… Abe has always been a big John Waters fan. To top it off, we just couldn’t help but offer our own […]

Mustache May

It’s been a long, grueling month… Mostly for those of us who’ve been watching innocently from the sidelines, but the time has come to comb through the options and pick your best (worst) mustache grown in the month of May. Warning… this post may make you feel dirty, as well as creating an insatiable desire […]