Yearly Archives: 2010

Roseys 2010

Known as the top-notch creative showcase in Portland, the Roseys throw a pretty decent party every Fall. This year, we joined the celebration and even picked up some recognition. Our rich-media application, Create Your Day (MERIT) and the site redesign for local creative staffing agency 52 LTD (EXCELLENCE) both grabbed nods from the wise jury. […]

“I Built A LEGO Target”

If you’re a Target marketing executive, you should probably hire my 7-year-old son as your next brand ambassador. Why? Because of this: Now, before you write this off as some crazy indictment of a culture where kids are marketing targets, know this: My son doesn’t love Target because he sees tons of Target ads (he […]

Sad Banana

Maybe it’s more of a scared banana, judging by the way he’s eyeing that fa-reaky werewolf. Yikes. Count Arnula was def this year’s winner. Pretty sure those fangs were surgically implanted.

Ogre Activism

For the fourth and final installment of the Shrek series, DreamWorks asked us to cook up something extra special for folks who don’t fall into their typical kids/families marketing demographics. We developed the RumpelDeals Integrated Campaign. And as a very offline ogre response to Rumpelstiltskins’ online onslaught, we created these lo-fi stamp and ink wild […]

Simple Gets It Right

Whether this was a quick-on-their-feet reaction to the Gap fiasco or something they had in the works before all the it’s-our-logo-nevermind-it’s-part-of-a-crowdsourcing-experiment-oh-wait-it’s-not-really-our-logo-anymore mayhem, Simple Shoes seems to have landed in a perfect place with their Identity Design Showdown. Pitting five qualified Behance users against their own agency is more than a clever ploy. It’s a great […]

Smell: The New Frontier

In doing research for our recent TCBY environmental design projects, I delved into the aroma-filled world of  “scent marketing”. Yes, that’s exactly what it sounds like. In fact Advertising Age names “scent marketing” one of the top 10 trends to watch. Though eCommerce sites continue to dominate sales, The Economist predicts that supermarkets, fast food chains […]

Golfers Gotta Golf

What’s a proper send-off for a fella like Patrick? Golf. And golf attire. Have fun at the Big House in the Pearl, kid. Don’t forget to roll back to Old Town for a sandwich every now and again.

This Site Is New

So, yeah. We have a new website. It’s a pretty big change from what you’re probably used to seeing here. It bright instead of sinister. It’s HTML instead of Flash. It features eight-legged creatures of the deep instead of proletariat-style hammers. We believe these are all good changes. We loved our old site and we […]

Movin’ Portland Style + SLC Remodel

Found this little diddy while looking through my email for behind the scenes photos. Shot by Patrick on his iPhone back in July of 2009, while we were moving everything into our new (shiny new!) White Stag studio. Thought it would be cool for everyone to see how pretty the floors were before they got […]