Monthly Archives: November 2009


Sunday night our beloved RSL faced the evil Landon Donovan, David Beckham’s shark-jumping hair and the rest of the LA Galaxy. We watched. We prayed. Our hearts pounded as if we had swallowed a fistful of ephedra. After 120 minutes and seven rounds of penalty kicks, our boys triumphed. And, while they were the underdogs […]

What’s Interactive?

Today at noon, the folks behind Avatar released something they’re calling an Interactive Trailer. Intrigued by the the word “interactive,” I downloaded and installed the Adobe Air application. There’s no doubt that the movie looks amazing (and it should, James Cameron has spent practically the whole decade obsessing over every detail), but I’m a bit […]

Hello. (Part 8)

Hey, everybody. You’ve missed these posts. I know you have. You won’t admit it, but your inability to articulate your feelings doesn’t diminish the emotion at all. You’re working on it with your therapist, right? Well, okay then, that’s good enough for me. Eric Honan. Interactive. @erichonan. PDX. Eric makes art for free and then […]