Monthly Archives: October 2009

Why? Because We Like You!

Located within the historic Presidio district of San Francisco, The Walt Disney Family Museum takes an intimate look at the man’s roots and the studio’s role in modern animation. Obviously, we jumped when they engaged us to create an immersive brand experience for the museum’s retail store. Our goal: Create a fundamental and nostalgic look […]

Seven Stages of Exhaustion.

It’s no secret here in the Broadway office that Matt Austin and I have been working around the clock to nail some pretty tight deadlines… What struxiomers didn’t know is that, much like grief, some projects bring about 7 emotional stages to work through. Over the last 7 days, as I’ve been here around the […]

Adobe MAX 2009 Los Angeles

Adobe MAX offers a multitude of opportunities to learn about the latest Adobe technology offerings and the software development behind tools that are still a central part of the creative ecosystem. This annual event brings with it a great series of classes and lectures, and equally important, brings together creative agencies from around the world […]

Cooking Up a Brand

Prior to becoming our Struck/Axiom blood-brothers, our comrades from around the block completed the brand standards for Sony Pictures’ latest animated feature, Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs (currently a saucy 85% on the Tomatometer). The style guide for the film took shape as a classic Betty Crocker-style cookbook with titles like A Guide to […]

Even the Fail Whale Has a Silver Lining

During today’s Twitter outage, something completely obvious hit me upside the head: Twitter is legit. Given the TIME magazine cover story and the Ashton vs. CNN showdown to 1 million (not to mention Kyality’s recent jump onto the USS Tweetie), I should’ve seen this coming a long time ago. So why did it take a […]

Hello (Matt Anderson exposé edition)

Stuff just seems to happen when it comes to Matt. When he puts on his Giants hat, they somehow win. When pork is for dinner, it magically disappears. And when he goes on rock-star adventures to Austin City Limits, we take back control of the StruckAxiom blog and exclusively feature him as someone you want […]