Monthly Archives: September 2009

Hello. (Ginger Edition)

Why would we segregate the redheads of StruckAxiom? 1) It seemed like the right thing to do; and 2) Read this. In all fairness, Mike Torretta (from Part 2) probably should’ve been part of this group, but his ‘roided-out picture deserved separation from the rest of this gingerness. So, yeah. If you’re anything like Kyality, […]

Who still uses phone books anyway?

Our new-biz-whiz, Spencer Taggart, that’s who. at least that’s the assumption someone made by a few creatives in the SLC office today. you see, over the weekend, the phone company mistakenly made us the benefactor of about 3 dozen or so phone books. Although their intended recipient was unclear, it was pretty obvious to us […]

Hello. (Part 5)

(Let’s pretend you just read something really funny right here.) L! O! L! Now get to know some more Ackers. Scott Sorenson. Design. SLC. Award-winning quilter, celebrity chef and noted Egyptologist, actor/author/art director Scott Sorenson is currently the host of two competing local talk shows. His one-man Evita swept the Greater Sanpete Area Theatre Awards […]

Hello. (Part 4)

After taking a week off from these Getting to Know You posts, I figured the public outcry would be too much to ignore. I was expecting phone calls and outraged emails. “How can you leave us hanging like this?!” is the response I was waiting for. Instead, there was nothing. Not even a comment pleading […]

Phil’s Doppleganger

Just came across Phil Smallwood’s doppleganger on the Internet. Or is it really Phil? And if this is really Phil, who is that girl standing next to him? Phil, you’ve got some splaining to do.

Hello. (Part 3)

An extra-large serving before the weekend hits. Say hello. Patrick Marzullo. Interactive Producer. @Patrick_Is. PDX. Other than being a BOSS, Tricky excels at three things: 1) Making memories, 2) Spreadsheets, and 3) Chasing shorties. And, yeah, what you’ve heard is true: Patrick’s legs are sculpted from titanium and diamond dust. Favorite food: Schnitzelwich from the Tabor […]

Hello. (Part 2)

The original plan was to drop a couple posts a week. My math is fuzzy, but at just 10 profiles a week, this could take a while. So, we’re gonna try to accelerate things. We’re gonna give the people what they want. We’re gonna make some memories. Round 2, people. Come and get it. Jessie […]

Hello. (Part 1)

Well. It’s official. We’re now Struck/Axiom. And while that hasn’t changed much (we’re still just a buncha kids knocking out some serious creative heat), it means that we’re a much bigger squad with people all over the place. To help you (and us, really) keep track of all the folks running around the studios these […]