Monthly Archives: August 2009

Motion is my hot, hot heat.

So the AC’s been out today… Here’s a sample of what [no longer intern] Mike has been enjoying in the edit bay.

There Will Be Wings

In the SLC headquarters today, we knew things were afoot when Susan started setting up the breakfast spread (caramel apple muffins? yes, please.), but we had no idea the news was going to be as awesome as the words delivered by UpperStruckers Jason (prez), Steve (ECD) and Dan (COO). You see, for years and years, […]

Welcome Home

While we’ve dished the specs of our new joint on Facebook and uploaded a set of pictures to Flickr, we’ve been lacking in blog-love for the new Portland studio space. For that, we apologize. And we’re bringing the goodness right now. Check out the slide show below to see what everything looked like while it […]

My Girlfriend’s Boyfriend

Back in July Struck was lucky enough to hangout with the likes of Alyssa Milano while she was in the office shooting scenes for My Girlfriend’s Boyfriend. Typically I’d say we Struckers are an extremely attractive bunch but, somehow, when you get us around beautiful celebrities our smiles go goofy and we can’t even look […]