Monthly Archives: July 2009

What We Do When We’re Not Doing What We Do

Some of us took a little road trip up to Echo lake after work to do a little cliff jumping.  In somewhat stupid form we decided to jump off the biggest thing first.  That’s all fine and dandy when you have even the smallest bit of air sense.  That’s not so awesome when you fall […]


Perfect disguise. No one knew what was going on. Everything was black and white and some creepy organ kept getting all loud when one of them would quickly sneak across the office to go to the restroom. “GASP!”


For those of you who may not know, us Struckers are lucky to have some pretty hi-tech toys at our disposal. But for our COO, Mr. DC, he apparently leans toward the lo-tech side of the spectrum. Here’s his trusted friend now, the HP 19B II Business Consultant. Who knows how long he’s sported this […]

Inspiring Views

Our Heidi just returned from hiking beautiful Orderville Canyon near Zion National Park. This one-way hike begins outside the eastern boundary of the park and ends at the Temple of Sinawava in Zion Canyon. We walked the two-mile trek to the beginning of the hike. It is a steep downward climb, most of which is […]

So you’re telling me there’s a chance…

Since it seems that everyone and their mother out there is sharing with the world how they delivered their Zappos proposal… we’ll go ahead and jump on that too! We felt Zappos has a great story to share and given that thought, we cooked up this little dilly. Dan C and the design team did […]