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Twitteronia and the Legend of Shaq-Fu!

When @THE_REAL_SHAQ hits your town for a road game against the local NBA squad, there’s only one thing to do: Fix your eyes on his Twitter feed and don’t lose focus. Sooner or later, the Big Aristotle is gonna drop his location and start giving away tickets. And when he does, you grab your phone […]

Us As Others

So, while we were all working super hard on Friday afternoon, we found the following link: Things got a little out of hand…


I know I’m pushing the boundaries of timeliness here…but wanted to let people in on a couple of the interesting conversations going on at the SXSW Interactive Event this year. Most conversations were revolving around social media – how it’s shaping the industry (for better or for worse) and what we as a group are […]

50 Years of Creative Excellence

Check it out folks. The latest edition of Commarts is sporting the cover story: 50 Years of Creative Excellence. And Struck made the list with ! Congrats to all the Struckers, past and present, who contributed to this game-changing site. Congrats to our ECD Steve Driggs also for sneaking his Theft Identity spots for Citi into […]

A famine of beauty

Our favorite Sundance Festival movie this year? The September Issue, a documentary by R.J. Cutler, that chronicles the makings of the September 2007 issue of Vogue Magazine. The movie centers on Anna Wintour, legendary Vogue Editor-in-Chief. To the public at large, she is the inspiration for Meryl Streep’s character in The Devil Wears Prada. To […]

The New Polaroid

I recall that in the beginning people panned the iPhone’s built-in camera because of its so-called low quality. Lately though I’ve began to notice an appreciation for it’s limitations – much like an old (and cherished) Polaroid, Holga, or Lomo. Dallas Graham – 2 cents project Lisa Wiseman – the new polaroid

All things type

We love type here at Axiom and we love reading the type notebook of Mark Simonson. Topics range from hand-lettered signs to researching classic font revivals. Check out “The End” – a collection of hand-lettered “End” titles from old movies and “Mad Men, Mad Props” – a look into the type from the series Mad Men.

A Design Collaboration

We created a series of original pieces of art under the concept of a contemporary re-interpretation of the Looney Tunes family of characters. Axiom submitted 10 pieces to the show which is currently on display at Warner Bros.

Buenos Aires Street Art

It’s Axiom International. Our very own Leslie Roberts reports back from her month-long visit to Argentina.


Beautiful book cover designed by Isaac Tobin and illustrated by Lauren Nassef. It’s an arresting image — and conceptually perfect. Bravo. More about Isaac Tobin design