Monthly Archives: February 2009

Lean, Green, Racing Machine

We know, we know, ‘green’ is the buzzword of the decade. But ‘green racecar’? Bet you haven’t heard that in 2k9. Huh? Huh? Allow Struck to introduce you to Corsa. Corsa is a Utah-based professional sports car racing team with a mission: the Q10 Hybrid. The world’s first Le Mans hybrid prototype car will make its entrance onto […]

Plaid Patrick

Struck universe meet Patrick Marzullo (red plaid), our brand spankin’ new Interactive Producer in Portland. And Happy Birthday! Haiku for Patrick with love from Danny: Wood Feared Lumberjacks Like Patrick’s new Gang, wear plaid. Yet he keeps a tree?

Cookie monster, you work too dang hard son.

The number of the day is the number 8. Sorry 9, you’ll have to wait.