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You know, like agua

A little while ago, Pressure Pak came to us looking for some help. They’d been promoting a ‘non-suck’ world with their product (a pressurized hydration pak that requires, yep, no sucking), but didn’t think their visual brand, was pulling its weight in the fight. As a long time opponent of things that suck, Struck really […]

Break me off a piece of that…

It’s called the vending machine lottery. It makes you REALLY REALLY happy when you win. Susan walks back to the machine very unsuspectingly..

So, the other day Peder was home sick.

And we had to video chat about a few things going on in the office, as acting assistant(to) the regional manager i set up a call, fired up the ol webcam and mean peder started our review. It all went downhill pretty quick.

A View of History, Standing Room Only

Today, a crowd, estimated at two million, gathered on that National Mall in Washington, D.C. for President Obama’s inauguration. A Strucker was among them.

The Essence of Wilderness

We’re on the eve of launching perhaps THE apparel line of the 2009 spring/summer/fall/winter season.

Behold: This!

It’s really important that nobody ask any questions about this. Just let it be what it is: awesome. Update: For more (very useful) information.

Flexing Our Muscles

For 2009, Struck’s SLC office is the new venue for the Flex User’s Group. Come join us for some serious geeking out here at Struck or online using Adobe Acrobat Connect.

Ziggy D Q & A

I should have posted this days ago, but i was creating too much awesomeness to be bothered. Here at Struck, we are brimming with some pretty great people, but last week Communications Arts saw so fit to choose Ziggy D for a little Q & A. Steve answered a few questions on the balance between […]

Hallo, Dit is Struck

Struck is now working with Adidas Global! Check it.