Monthly Archives: December 2008

You better hope you’ve been nice this year.

For the Holidays, a crack team of Struck commandos was dispatched to concept, write, illustrate and print these ferocious cards based on the classic Eastern European tradition of St. Nicholas and the Krampus. While jolly old St. Nick would reward “nice” children with gifts and sweets, the Krampus—Santa’s evil counterpart—would roam the streets with rusty […]

Our home in LA…

We at Axiom love modern architecture, so it was so gratifying to learn that the home of our LA office is located in a building designed by William L. Pereira + Associates. Pereira had a major role in shaping the landscape of post war Los Angeles. His partnership with Charles Luckman spawned the iconic “theme […]


Wanting to support a couple of our favorite things (aside from raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens) Struck approached client Ski Utah to update the design on the Ski Utah Cycling Team uniforms. They gave us to go ahead and even let us sponsor the jersey. Check out them Hammers! Let’s go ride a […]

Breakfast of Champions

My oh my… How this ever slipped through the cracks is a mystery. Can we blame the tardiness on sweeping political change? A recessed global economy? Maybe a sugar stupor is more appropriate… (Get to the point already, please!) Struck PDX loves cereal. Loves it with frosty milk of all varieties—2%, whole, skim, organic. So, […]