Monthly Archives: November 2008


So we had track suit day at Struck. No big deal. We are already over it. Actually this wasn’t a themed day of any sort. just a wednesdee at noon at Struck. What?

Snowbird, Utah (top secret)

Salt Lake City. November 5th, 2008. Stop 2 full feet of snow in the hills in the last 48 hours. Stop No signs of stopping. Stop End communication. Stop Stop. Stop.

Botticelli Chocolates at a store near you.

Botticelli chocolates have been off the Struck radar for a few months. We buttoned up on the design, and sent our satisfied client on their way to impress retailers midway through 2008.  Well friends, Botticelli is back on the radar for Christmas inside Walgreen’s corner markets.  This photo depicts the product placement on the front […]

Struck or Treat

EXHIBIT A: Dudes and Shawtees at Struck dominating Halloween. Just a little sprinkling of how we roll here at Struck when it comes to All Hallow’s Eve. On a side note- My Parents ended up getting their “dress-up” on this year. Let’s see…. MY mom was a mummy. My dad was a Werewolf… ummm man, […]