Monthly Archives: October 2008

We’re Not Making This Up

So… apparently, there’s a strong group of Callejeros who hit the pavement every Monday night at Kapiolani Park in Honolulu. One of the young street soccer aficionados decided he’d show his brand allegiance with a Halloween costume more radical than any other. Pint-sized brand evangelism. And probably the first time a Struck-designed logo has been […]

Hey, dog. Say hello to your mother for me, okay?

We’re not quite sure how it happened, but there’s a dog roaming the hardwood in PDX today. His name’s Wily Mo, but you can call him Willis. At first we were afraid he’d hamper our typical off-the-charts productivity. Turns out this Pug can do work.

Utah Drawls

(art show!)—Utah Draws: Contour and Context (blah blah blah): The eight artists selected to participate devote significant time to drawing in their artistic practice. While all of these artists approach drawing through its formal qualities, each grapples with differing concerns including environmental, literary, and personal reflections. Utah Draws features work by artists: Adam Bateman (Salt […]

This Just In

Thanks to our friends at Skiing Magazine for calling out some of our Ski Utah work: See the sticker as illustrated by HabbenINK below:

Status: Alive and Kickin’

london, england: been there amsterdam, netherlands: done that freiburg, germany: gotcha berlin, germany: yup munich, germany: uh huh budapest, hungary: check vienna, austria: got it innsbruck, austria: oh yeah venice, italy: ok florence, italy: and, … check hey everybody, i’m finally staying at a hostel with free computers and wanted to give you some updates […]

It’s a Banner Day.

So the Interactive Struckers are known for some pretty radical microsites, but they definitely don’t slouch when it comes to rich media banners either. Struck has an illustrious history of some killer banners. Whether it be fun Flash games, trippy kinematic motion, or faux 3D taken to new heights—these banners don’t disappoint. So check out […]