Monthly Archives: August 2008

San Martín De Porres

Our favorite baby Columbian Man returned home to daddy(STRUCK) this week and we couldn’t be happier. Arnold “Arne Asada” rejoined the print team after a quick mental cleanse out in Minneapolis and is so full of life and spirit we just had to share it. Welcome home San Marteeen- HUGS FOR EVERYONE. Specially shayna.

Go Kart Insanity

The Struckers took their collective competitiveness to the racetrack for some go kart insanity that won’t soon be forgotten. Then again, that might be because of the grease and oil stains on our clothes.

PDX, you look so good.

The Oregonian gave props to Struck’s Portland studs today in this article that highlights the “bevy of creative talent” that graces Portland’s ad agencies, and how expansion to P-town is paying off for several shops. Struck’s Portland office opened its doors in October, and has since come full circle playing a crucial role in executing […]

So What’s YOUR Carfun Footprint?

It’s been a long-time Struck dream to do some design and advertising for MINI. And we recently launched the fruits of our labors: the MINI Carfun Footprint Calculator . “What is a Carfun Footprint?” you might ask… Well, it’s a unit of measurement that pits your car’s fun factor against its environmental impact. This is […]


We recently launched our GM Used Car Ambush site with Mullen and its getting quite a bit of attention. So, we figured it would be a good idea to give everyone a peek into how much work it took to put a site like this together. What you’re not going to see in this little […]

Jason via iChat

Our monthly company meeting may be a little hard to hear (Portland uses iChat to connect to Salt Lake) but no one can deny that it is entertaining.