Monthly Archives: June 2008


A few of us went to the Arts Festival last night and got the unique pleasure of getting to experience the grand spectacle that is Revideolize is the special heat. Revideolize is a side project of Melodramus Act like you know! update (more awesome vids)

If you notice you have 3? We’ve got 600K !!!

So on Tuesdays Youtube has this little ditty known as “Trend Spotting Tuesdays”. Lo and behold, our little ditty for the Sean Kimmerling Testicular Cancer Foundation was the top feature. The video received over 600,000 hits in it’s first 24-hour period. Among other notables to be noted, it was the #1 Featured Video and the […]

@!…Oooh pretty

At least when my computer breaks, it breaks in style. (Last screen via Jed’s computer) How could you stay mad at error screens like this? Anyone else have accidental art?

Being Prepared

As part of being a Strucker, we are treated to an array of financial training seminars to help us be good spenders and good savers. So, when our diligent financial trainer (who’s also a scoutmaster) needed a “graphic” for his troop’s scout camp tees—we did it up right. And yes, we’re always prepared. Check out […]

Reality TV that doesn’t suck.

So, this is a follow up to the previous post about the incredible mini-series currently running on the Discovery Channel that our interactive gurus helped promote with some fun banners. I just happened to be flipping through the channels the other night when something up in the top right corner catches my eye. It was […]

We Made a Discovery

So you may have seen the premiere of “When We Left Earth” on the Discovery Channel last Sunday at 9 Eastern. If not, don’t fret. It’s an six part HD event! How do you know so much about this show, you ask? Well, we’ve just made many, many banners on the subject and that kind […]

We work for these guys?

So Friday marked the end of Mustache May and in true Strucker style, full time Co-presidents and part time rock stars Jason Bangerter and Ryan Goodwin donned the ensembles you see below. Its level of creepiness was only outweighed by its hilarity. Well played my good men, well played.