Monthly Archives: March 2008

Add It Up

Congrats to all the Struckers who worked on our slew of Addy award-winning projects this year. Struck took home 10 Gold Addy’s, 8 Silver Addy’s, and the Judge’s Special Award. The Struck clients that were honored included: The Sean Kimerling Foundation – 4 Golds, Sweet’s Candy – 1 Gold & 1 Silver, Deer Valley Resort […]

Anything you can do, I can do better

Spring’s right around the corner and it’s almost time to trade in your goggle tan for a farmer’s tan. There’s no better way to make room for your skis than to reintroduce your bike to fresh mountain air. We teamed up with Specialized to make sure the ladies are now well-equipped to ride with the […]

Papa Bangerter before he was Papa

Here’s a classic blast from the past for all you old school Struckers that may remember the name ‘Studiobrand.’ Yes, that’s right. We drug up one of Jason’s business cards from his freelance days as a student. As you can see, his pontificating pose is utterly priceless. The other image is from the archive of […]

Bob Sled Mahhnnn

So recently I took the ride of terror on the bob sled at the Winter Sports Park. WOW (not World of Warcraft WOW) but WOW as in amazing. My wife increases our life insurance policy and then I get a B-Day present to go bob sledding (interesting… interesting). A 54 second ride of terror that […]