Monthly Archives: January 2008

Oh, aRe you?

We casually called the Salt Palace just to see if there happened to be any booth openings left on the floor of one of SLC’s largest conventions—the Winter Outdoor Retailer show. Sure enough there were a couple spots left, so for a nominal fee and a whole lot of help from our bros at JDHgroup—we […]

A night out on the town: Sundance Film Festival 2008

It’s January in Utah. Sundance is here and that means films, lots of bio diesel-powered black Hummers puttering around Park City, Paris Hilton, weaseling into 50 Cent shows, Paris Hilton, weaseling out of 50 Cent shows after waiting in a crowded bar for three hours and finally, a little rock and roll with Camp Freddie. […]


I didn’t get to witness the accident, just the cleanup. BrandonK was too embarrassed to chronicle it, so I’ll do it for him. Apparently, while reading some e-mails early this A.M., he had forgotten that there was no longer a lid on his Starbuck’s beverage. He picked up the bottle and proceeded to vigorously shake […]

Struckin’ NYC

So what do you do when your new bizzin’ it in NYC for three days then have an open Saturday morning? You hit up the MoMA. And if you’re a Strucker, you’re spending quite a bit of time on the 3rd floor. Here are just a few of the pics I snapped (and one snapped […]


Not everything tasty is candy and chocolate. This December saw over 180 inches of freshies at the Bird. What a sweet sweet thing to come back to after the holiday break! Brandon K. shredding the pow-pow. Yours truly trying to 180 this small drop… Didn’t turn out well.