Monthly Archives: November 2007

Struck + PDX 4ever

I started full-time at what was then Struck Design on June 16, 2003. There were 4 of us in an 800 sq. ft. room on the second floor of the old Sweet’s Candy Factory in SLC. It was a great space: a beat up hardwood floor, exposed beams, a newly designed vinyl dot pattern on […]

Word of the Week

ter.pi.tude / n: inherent baseness : depravity See if you can work it into casual conversation this week. For example: Dude, did you see the game last night? The terpitude of those refs was unconscionable.

When Struck Says Thanks…

Turns out Upper-Strucker, Jeff W, felt it’d be a good idea to thank the XanGoer responsible for Struck’s early Christmas with a once-in-a-lifetime surprise. He pulled out a couple courtside tickets to the ESPN-aired Jazz vs. Cavs game. Not only was the courtside energy amazing (we ended up right next to Coach Sloan), the game […]


Ryan was spending some quality time with us up here in the Portland studio, so we thought we’d share a traditonal Portland breakfast with him – Voodoo Doughnuts. A bizarre mix of sugary goodness and local pride – Voodoo creates the most unique pastries in town. Yup – thats Cap’n Crunch Cereal on the doughnut…better […]

Word of the Week

At Struck, we like words almost as much as a great design or inter-web interface. Sometimes we even inventify new words. To help the blog-visiting community appreciate the words of the English language as much as we do, we’ll post a Word of the Week. Maybe not every week. But more than 50% of the […]

Kenji like a rock star.

What’s the secret to creativity? Kenji’s got it down. He’s practicing the fine art of alpha meditation. Using extreme brain wave discipline, he delicately blurs the line of consciousness, hence, harnessing the powers of his inner being, the surrounding environmental energy, and a touch of supernatural magic. Either that, or he’s recovering from a crazy-wild […]

Dubjay and the Sister Wives

Dr. Warren (DubJay) Jeffs toured the studio the other day, looking for a shop to handle the branding for his new casino kiosk business. Unfortunately we couldn’t make the business deal work, but did snap some beautiful shots at the veggie tray meet’n’greet. Holla!

Christmas done came early

It was a chilly Utah morning made a bit warmer by the surprising treat of one of these custom-designed (and warm enough for any tundra) screenprinted hoodies (laid gently with care) on each of the Struckers’ chairs this Thursday. Where did they come from? Santa, of course. Why did they give them to us? Because […]

Invasion Hangover

It’s only been 5 days since the Salt Palace in downtown Salt Lake looked like this: And already there’s not a trace of evidence (except a few downtown vagrants suspiciously sporting new orange knapsacks) that we were ever here. Every piece of vinyl is down, every window cling is unclung, every custom fabric banner is […]