Monthly Archives: October 2007

Happy Halloween From Struck

So I had a little bit of hometown pride while carving pumpkins the other night, so sue me.

The 1st annual Struck or Treat a healthy success

So yesterday Struckers brought in their youngens for some tricks and treats. Surprisingly enough one might think that candy was the popular choice. Well, if you did, then you’d be wrong. Check out the spread provided by yours truly and then check out all the smiling faces.

Gameratizer 5000™

Here at Struck we’ve developed a sophisticated piece of software that allows us to turn employees into digital characters. Brandon and Corey (pictured below) were our first test subjects. Play the North Face ‘Defy TV’ Banner Play the Utah Office of Tourism ‘SkiDump’ Banner

Big Snow Love

Forget about Big Love, Utah’s got Big Snow Love. When it comes to the holy matrimony between man and ski resort, I and most of my peeps are a bunch of polygamists. There’s plenty of Moto to spread around evenly (more or less) between the 13 Utah ski resorts this winter. When it comes to […]

Dan, Dave, and John gettin’ silly with letterpress

Cast your eyes on the letterpress prints created by Dan, Dave, and John. They’re all pretty dudical, and who can complain about smashing ink into paper, right? Pardon the shameless plug, but they’re part of the Athenaeum Press/SmashThis series of limited edition letterpress prints featuring guest artists.

Struckers get some early season pow-pow

Having moved here from Pittsburgh, the only thing October meant to me was candy corn, crazy Steeler fans and beer in plastic jugs at Oktoberfest. Here in Utah it means early season lines and more snow than I knew what to do with. Motionboy and I went up to Alta to get some preseason shreddage.

Can you believe it’s turtleneck day again already?!

The long and storied tradition of turtleneckory needs no explanation. Here’s Kyle sporting a burnt orange number. Note how the denim jacket says “Even though I’m wearing a turtleneck I”m all man”

How bout them Cowboys

It’s not all about the great outdoors and the scenery. This may be removed for that comment. There is football life that breathes through the walls of Struck. We do have some Bear fans, a lonesome Giants fan, and of course a die-hard Cowboy’s fan. Yes the boys are smiling this year at 5-1. Plus […]

One of these is not Jeramy?

So one of our employees found another Jeramy, if you can guess which one it is you win a prize.

So Happy Together

This photo was taken just moments (a day) before our beloved Dan’s freshly shorn head was defiled by a dirty dirty pigeon and his runny, grainy waste. Tough break, Dan. At least he didn’t get Peder’s luscious curls.