Monthly Archives: June 2007

Rolling band of Banditos

I met these dudes while on a film shoot for the Utah Office of Tourism. We were holed up in Torrey at a coffee house that had free wireless, and a swarm of BMW GS 1200′s and 1200 Adventures rolled in. These guys looked tired and hungry and they all had stickers on their windscreens […]

Moto to Hanna, Utah

Ever been to Hanna, Utah? After hours of cruising on dirt roads, I was feeling like the Highlander, so we stopped to take some pics of the landscape above Current Creek Reservoir. After dumping the KTM in a mud bog, jamming the front wheel so full of mud it wouldn’t turn, I finally got rolling […]

The Brothers Simons

The Brothers Simons are two Utah motoheads who grew up in the Park City area. Elder brother Zach rides a venerable KLR while Casey the younger has been tinkering with a DRZ, but I have yet to see it. Sometimes Casey rides his Dad’s brand spanking new BMW F 650 GS. White Oleander movies Wallace […]

A Big Punctuation Mark on Mustache May

In a striking, premeditated move, Struck Studio Manager/EP Kyle Snarr saved up all his hair for a creepy cut for the last day of May. It was bold, it was disturbing, it was all too real.