Monthly Archives: May 2007

Our boy Charlie is a fan of Struck

Check it. Charlie’s sporting a shirt with da’ hammers. Obviously he’s a man with good taste.

The real problem with motorcycles.

The real problem with motorcycles, at least with new ones, is that you have to buy them from motorcycle dealers. I don’t know if there are any real Horse Thieves out there roaming the American West still. If there are not, then the last Horse Thief begat the first Motorcycle Dealer. All motorcycle dealers are […]

Moto photo.

Adventure motorcycling is all about seeing the world differently. You are more aware of your surroundings when you are clipping along at 70 mph on a dirt road. Sometimes you have to stop and take a picture. The Moto posts will be all about motorcycles, places to go and things to see. And occasional rants […]

HabbenINK on Threadless

Struck’s very own Production Artist, aka HabbenINK, won the weekly shirt competition over at and his design is now up for sale. Click on the image to check it out. Looks like we’re creating things you’ll talk about… again!

It’s Mustache May at Struck

Check out some of the hairy goodness. For more awesome mustachery, you can visit Grab a hold of these handle bars for the ride of your life! Anyone want to come to Ziggy’s crib? Que! Que! Welcome to the DMV I like daisies, and bunnies, and kitties, and candies! Whoa dude, don’t mess with […]

Flash Workshop

We have talked to enough people that would love a Flash workshop here in Salt Lake that it would be pretty stupid of us not to put one together. So, now, the question is what kind of material would you like us to cover? If you would be interested in attending a workshop on Flash […]