Monthly Archives: March 2007

RRRRRRRRRR………. matey

We won some booty…… 16 Addys. I think Babco™ gave me scurvy.

Quiet on the set.

We have teamed up with Tribal DDB and Clorox to work on a new site, Spent a wonderful week in San Fransisco, believe it or not we had beautiful weather the whole time. We shot at a production studio called Goal Line, owned by John Madden. We played catch a couple times… it was […]

Our friends from Stawberry Frog pay us a visit, much skiing was had!

Megan Klementik, one of our frog friends, missed our party because of a delayed flight, but made it just in time for a powder filled weekend! Had a great bluebird powder day which was a first for the New Yorkers. Megan, Hailey or Haley or Haliey, and Jason Megan, Haleiy or Hallley and Motionboy Mike […]

Houston, we had a party.

I been working so hard. Keep punching my card. Eight hours, for what? Oh, tell me what I got. I get this feeling. That time’s just holding me down. I’ll hit the ceiling. Or else I’ll tear up this town. Tonight I gotta cut. Loose, footloose. Kick off your Sunday shoes. Please, Louise. Pull me […]

Fridge o’ drink

Can we get some fridge with that beer? Tonight’s open house is going to be off the hook. In fact, we’ll give $50 to anyone who can even find the hook. Also, rumor has it that some serious suitage is going to be sported. Visual confirmation forthcoming.